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It is no longer the largest port that is destined to survive, but the smartest.

As the scale of global trade has increased, vessel sizes and cargo volumes have surged upwards, placing additional pressure on ship berths and yards. Using IoT based communication infrastructure to voluntarily exchange data among ports and stakeholders, we are achieving a more efficient use of resources in ports.

This allows small to medium sized ports to compete with larger ports effectively, rendering value propositions generated by IoT, like cost reduction and productivity increase, ever more important. In turn, simply by enabling port management through IoT, we reduce their impact on the environment and their immediate surrounding areas greatly.

We are an active member of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research innovation program (PIXEL) aiming to provide knowledge and expertise on implementing IoT infrastructures to ports and providing smart solutions for their operational data interchange.

Making modes of transport visible creates a connected global infrastructure


Air pollutionEnergy consumptionNoise pollutionWater pollution50%the EU’s annual GHG emissions by 2050.We’re working to reduce by





A connected port is a greener port for the surrounding environment and the planet.

Traditional port management systems have not yet incorporated the latest technological capacities. Operating under inefficient systems and manual procedures, slow port times, heterogeneous information, paper documentation and a general lack of integration of operational data, expectedly lead to inefficient use of time and, to adverse environmental effects.

Better knowledge and operation control, allows a port to improve its efficiency and efficacy, whilst becoming more responsible as to its energy management. In doing so, a port can drastically reduce its indelible impact on the environment and the immediate surrounding areas.

Helping European ports become connected is a means of helping the EU to reduce its annual GHG emissions by 50% by 2050.

Capacity and flow management

Increase activity
without increasing size.

A port’s success is no longer simply measured in traditional parameters like size, throughput and the competition for the first spot in global traffic figures. This necessitates a strategic shift, where efficiency and protection of market share are placed in the forefront making one thing clear: port size is no longer the primary focus.

By improving efficiency and implementing smarter operations, even the smallest port can better its infrastructure, traffic flow and merchant traffic management. The use of IoT based solutions focused on automation and information can allow a port to greatly increase its productivity and become competitive against far larger ports, without the need to increase traffic and the negative subsequent externalities (e.g. traffic congestion, pollution and road safety).

Activity increase estimated for a 3 month implementation+12%up

Equivalent toWorldwide, based on 2018’s World container throughput (764million TEUs)+92m TEUsships

AnalyseCommunicateActionScoperesponseAggregateTimemonitoredCloud based IoT platformStandardsPredictive intelligence



Data sharing

By sharing more,
we achieve more.

A truly smart port needs to take advantage of its position in the supply chain to add value, making use of the improved of data collection that is generated by the embedded IoT infrastructure. While data does not add to the net profit in itself, aggregating different data sources and setting out the right business rules for analysis can give real insight.

Data is gathered and compiled onto a customised digital IoT platform. It is at this point that the physical (business) platform and the digital (IoT software) platform create the opportunity for greater leverage, through analyses and the use of augmented behaviour technologies that either enable automated autonomous action or shape human decisions in a manner leading to improved action.

Our global vision

The global logistics network sets a course for a connected future for better business, for a better world.

We believe in truly connected ports. Such ports do not only operate an integrated infrastructure independently, they are also networked via a superstructure, sharing global data and insights and enabling business development by means of opening up unexplored revenue streams opportunities.

Our vision is that global transport and logistics can be greatly improved with the use of ground-breaking, smart connected technologies, which do not bear a negative effect on the planet.



Fully customisable multi-platform and globally accessible insights, notifications and alerts integrating your solutions and data

With a host of functionalities, our customisable and personalised software will provide any transport and logistics operation with vital real-data insights, notifications and alerts, as well as status report overviews.

Set up custom alert parameters for location (route and geofences), climate factors (temperature and humidity) and shipment integrity (shock and vibration) reducing recalls and increasing acceptance rates.
Fully customise push notifications and receive appropriate data and information to pre-identified users
The platform analyses the collecting data and translates them into valuable insights, thus optimising the total performance of your supply chain
statusStatus reports
Receive fully customisable reports and real-time shipment status reports, providing significatn reports for process reviews and statistics
Gain full goods and asset traceability with live-tracking and real-time geofencing capabilities.
realReal-time prediction
Make observations and predictions based on near real-time data
You can easily plan your shipment, analyse all the relative data and monitor its performance from end to end.
The platform can be easily integrated with your ERP, CRM or SRM. Use our custom API to push or interchange data when you need them.
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