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100% recyclable - Longer life - Higher payload - Reduction in CO2

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The whole logistics industry is about to change for good with the help of our lightweight container. Boasting recyclability, sustainability, profitability and longevity whilst being considerably better for our environment (up to 20 tons of CO2 emissions in a single container’s lifespan). The lightweight container takes logistics to new heights.


Lightweight through and through

With no change to the production line, the lightweight container uses state-of-the-art lightweight design techniques developed specifically to reduce the container weight. The Container 2.0 optimises its performance with regard to strength, payload and lifetime while remaining fully compliant with ISO standards.

21%Up tolighter

Our container design is a unique approach using the latest technology in lightweight design to provide best results.
Strength analysis demonstrating the increase in overall strength compared to a standard container.



A durable container is a greener container

Due to its pioneering structure its floor can last 3x longer than a standard container floor. It follows that it requires less maintenance overall, and therefore it will reduce the transport and logistics industry’s impact on the environment.

3XUp toLonger life*


This lightweight packs
a profitable punch.

On average 1 more TEU for every 20 TEU can be loaded or moved on a container ship without any increase in fuel consumption or fixed container costs. This results in a reduction in shipping costs, as well as an increase in net income.

payload4.5%Up toPayload increase

17% less steel used
16tn CO2 lower carbon emmisions


100% recyclable.
100% responsible.

The Container 2.0 is manufactured with fully recyclable materials, with no change in the standard container production line. With a uniquely designed metallic floor, made out of panels with the same dimensions as a standard container’s wooden floor, it can be shipped and packaged as per usual process. We have also managed to reduce the amount of steel used in production, helping reduce weight and use the world’s natural resources responsibly.

Naturally hygienic

Cleaner and safer, naturally.

Standard wooden floor containers require frequent chemical treatments, with the use of pesticides, insecticides and fumigants to ensure that they are kept hygienic for goods transportation. Replacing wood with aluminium ensues that they are naturally more hygienic, odourless and provide better protection to shipments whilst reducing the use of chemicals by 100%.

The use of chemicals causes indelible damage to the environment. Once chemicals have leached into the environment, they affect our whole ecosystem, all the way down to the fish we eat.

1,582There’s an estimatedcontainers lost at sea every year contributing to the pollution of the sea.On average, that’s two per day.100%Up toReduction in the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides and fumigants. *according to World Shipping Council 2018

Replacing the use of
wooden floors in containers
worldwide we would save

1Mm3more thana year9,420acresProtecting up toof forestry every year which is felled for containers


We see the forest for the trees and are ensuring future generations do too.

Due to its nature, wood is perishable and regular maintenance is required, often being refitted up to 4 times during a container's lifespan. Removing the use of wood in containers globally can facilitate the decrease of the adverse effect we have on the environment. Trees and plants are essential to human life and our surrounding ecosystems and help the environment against greenhouse gases pollution.

Decreasing deforestation will dramatically contribute to minimizing our impact on the climate change and the negative effects of the increasing global temperature on the world.

Global vision

Better for global business
and better for the world.

Sometimes small changes on a large scale can have groundbreaking benefits, always in more than one ways. That’s why we continue working to optimise the transport and logistics sector, simply because of its scale of influence on business and the world. Our global vision is to continue innovating and creating solutions that lessen our adverse environment impact,whilst optimising business activities.

If we could replace just
2M out of the 25M containers
currently used, we could save:

1.3bnUp toLitres of fuel every year3.2bn And up tokgCO2 emissions every year

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